What is Nano CBD Cosmetics

Welcome to Nano CBD Cosmetics.  This website is all about Nano CBD for cosmetics and much much more.  First off you need to know what nano cbd oil is and how it relates to regular cbd oil (not nano enhanced).

Nano CBD oil is a nano oil that is made from the full spectrum hemp plant.  In other words nano CBD oil is made from the entire hemp plant that has been converted into CBD concentrate (or pure CBD oil) and then nano sized.

Nano CBD oil is a CBD oil that has an improved bio-availability compared to other non nano CBD oils.

We start with totally organic hemp from an American organic hemp grower.  We follow that up with an extraction that ensures the cleanest and purest organic CBD concentrate that is the best and most organic in the marketplace.  It is critical that you know exactly what is in our nano CBD oil so we lab test the organic CBD concentrate prior to nano sizing it.  This concentrate is then cut with sesame seed oil or other organic base oils.  As it relates to sublingual nano CBD drops we will add a flavor to make it a little more appealing to your taste buds.

Nano CBD oil is simply a CBD concentrate that has been nano sized.  What these nano-enhanced CBD compounds do is make the absorption rate of CBD into our body higher and much closer to 100%. This means that a nano CBD oil will ensure that a maximum amount of CBD is absorbed into your body and therefore can help you with your healing at peak capacity.  The key term in all of this is bio-availability, which is the the proportion of the CBD that enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect. The nano sizing of CBD is basically making each molecule very very small so that it can have the maximum effect on your body after introducing it to your body.

The purpose of nano-enhanced CBD oil is to give the consumer a more efficient and powerful result from taking nano CBD oil. The higher the bio-availability (percentage and rate of absorption) is, the more CBD will be absorbed. This can result in a quicker and stronger effect with nano CBD oil when compared to regular CBD oil. When it comes to pain, everybody wants a quick solution. This is where nano-enhanced CBD oil is becoming so popular.

In a regular hemp or CBD oil, the bio-availability of cannabinoids is only about 10%. By using the nano-enhanced CBD oil, it makes the bio-availability closer to 100%. This means that practically no CBD is being wasted through ingestion. This is exactly why we can use less of it in each dose and have such great results.

Nano-Enhanced CBD Oil is by far the Best CBD Oil in the World!

The key to any great product is always how it impacts your health.  Whether you need the nano CBD oil for pain management or stress management or for other illnesses it always comes down to whether your nano CBD oil is helping you cope with your issues.  It is vitally important that you know all about dosing and how nano CBD is dosed compared to regular CBD oil.  When it comes to CBD products, as long as it is hemp derived CBD and contains less than .1%THC then it is federally legal.

Everybody has their own endocannabinoid system. This system is what determines how our body reacts to certain cannabinoids. Your endocannabinoid system is as unique to you as a fingerprint. This is why it is safest to start your dosage low and work yourself up to a higher level of dosing.  You never want to start with more than you need for your particular situation.