Nano CBD: Mental & Physical Beauty

The discoveries and breakthroughs in CBD on our psychological disposition, mood fluctuations and feelings or “emotional health” have been profound. The ability for CBD to treat specific mood conditions include everything from the common BLUES to a range of human dynamics that effect billions in their everyday bouts with depression and chronic anxiety, anger, over excitedness, inability to relax and be calm.

These are what we call Un-Beautifiers, because they undermine our ability to feel and be as beautiful as we are and seem to make us forget who we are sometimes.

No matter what we put on or think we are covering up, our normal life cycles, known as our Circadian Rhythms that guide our sleep cycles and the larger more holistic life cycles of our skin, organ and muscles and the replacement of all our living tissue and individual cells is dependent on nourishing our body’s cells with the elements and minerals that build the vibrant glowing life force we call youth.

If we are replacing and rebuilding each of the individual cells every day, what are we rebuilding them with?

Hot Dogs and Twinkies?

Or Organic fruits and vegetables?

So what is missing? Minerals, Amino Acids & Oils

When we are healthy our bodies feel good because our sense of wholesomeness and vitality that comes from inside… is the result of our endocrine system and the hormones that we secrete that make us feel beautiful.

So… it is not what make up or what we do to our body outside that has anything to do with our natural beauty. It is our life force and what energy we call youth and glowing and vibrant health and healing.

That only comes from essential elements and building blocks of nature, the 90 essential trace, minerals, 12 amino acids and 3 life oils that balance our endocrine system and circadian rhythms and triggers serotonin and endorphins into our bloodstream and we experience joy and healing and abundant health.